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Orgone Energy, also known as Qi, or Life Energy, is all around us, but mostly in a chaotic state. Sometimes so chaotic (stirred up by mobile phone towers, wifi, mobile phones etc), that it can cause us harm. Insomnia, irritablity, depression and physical disease are sometimes the result of an energetically chaotic environment.

Orgonica orgone products filter and transform this harmful energy, and emit a fountain of clear, harmonious life-giving photons. Depending on the size and density of the piece, the radius of effects can stem from purely personal, to covering the size of a house, to a large hall or building.

Orgonica products purify the atmosphere, can improve the taste of wine or drinks, helps plants to grow better, experience fewer pests, and require less water. Due to the fact that they balance and harmonise stray energies, they are also useful for mitigating the harmful effects of transmitters, phone towers, wi-fi etc. Placed by the bed, they may also help the restless mind of the insomniac, thus promoting restful sleep.

Added to the fact of their energetic properties, the pieces themselves can be displayed as objets d’art in their own right. Many people will naturally be drawn to picking them up and asking questions, even if they are not themselves “sensitives”. New designs and matrix components are added all the time, but the basic crystal, metal and organic compounds are common to all orgone transformer products. Metal and crystal densities will vary and so pieces will be classed according to their orgone emission and field shape. Customised pieces can be made to order, with the crystals or metal combinations of your choosing.

 Orgonica Products Currently for sale:

Use the Energiser Plate to charge and energise your tea, coffee, hot or cold drinks, wine, breakfast juice, or food. Lapis Pyramids emit a delightful fountain of Indigo-flavoured Orgone, ideal for meditation rooms, kitchens, computer rooms etc Don’t be fooled by these novelty-shaped pieces! the orgonite inside is highly focussed and powerful. Can be worn on the person as a protector, as a brooch, as a pendant.
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