Seven-Ray Readings

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I occasionally give free general Soul and Personality readings using the Seven Rays on my Twice-Weekly radio shows, and this can often be enough to get a rough guidance for career etc., although these public readings are more for students of the Rays’ learning.
Personal readings however can be scaled according to your needs. Full private and personal readings can be arranged for those who would like to look at the deeper issues that may be happening in their lives.

A “quickie” reading is also available, for looking at things like relationship compatibility, career moves, co-workers etc. These readings are made for you to quickly find out if your personal energies harmonise with the social environment you wish to connect with. Since the nature of this session is for the closure of a major decision, it is important the you have considered the question deeply yourself, so that you may ask the best question.

Family sessions are valuable at any time for discovering positive aspects about members and how they fit into the family community.




“Quickie” Readings: $30 (£20)

For careers, potential partners, business or romantic etc. A minimal reading for questions you have been pondering deeply.

Short Reading: $50 (£32)

A standard reading that will go through your Soul and Personality rays life lessons and purpose area, and briefly touch on the personal (mental, emotional, physical) rays.

Full Personal Reading: $100  (£64)

This full reading will give your Soul, Monad and Personality Rays, also your personal Rays(mental, emotional, physical), and a question/answer section at the end.


Family readings are also available upon request.

Payments over Paypal (you can use your credit card), the conversation is over Skype.

If you do not have skype, it is easy to join and download (go to, and will enable you to speak for free to family and friends all over the world.