Windows 7 support ended January 14th 2020.

I can upgrade your computer to windows 10 with my special upgrade package:

New Faster Hard Drive – New technology has appeared since your computer was built. it’s faster, silent and has no moving parts. It’s called SSD technology, Solid State Drive, much like a memory stick. SSD drives are several times faster than the old spinning-disk type. which means your windows will run faster, load faster and shut down faster than the old one.

Windows 10 Pro – Enjoy Windows with its latest features, and its automatic self-upgrading technology.

For those of you that prefer the old windows start menus, I can install the Classic Menu software.

Access to your old data as an external drive – your old data, as well as being copied into your new faster hard drive, has been preserved and placed into a caddy, and is available as a backup drive that simply plugs into a USB socket.

All this for £60 plus labour. Contact me on 0787 408 7610